Web Application
Sales Configuration system


Software Development


Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, XML, 3-tier, C1 component Reports, COM+, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • Re-factored the Enterprise Application and as result dramatically reduced the time of the sale process of the custom products
  • Designed reports, Developed stand alone tools to test reports
  • Performed Systems Analysis and provided solutions to migrate parts of the system to the new .NET platform
  • Converted parts of the system from ASP to ASP.NET
  • Provided Support, Bug fixing, Integration and Stabilization testing


Windows Application
Inventory Marketing tool


Software Development



Technologies: 3-tier, .NET 2.0, SQL2005, CodeSmith, C#, Crystal Reports, SSIS, VS2005

  • Analyzed customer needs and business requirements to determine complex solution
  • Produced Design Documentation: Use Case Diagrams, Object Model diagrams, flowcharts and Project Plan
  • Designed, Developed and Tested solution
  • Designed Database and back-end Scripts
  • Coded complex stored procedures, user defined functions
  • Designed and Implemented Data transformation, migration between Legacy system and Application utilizing SSIS Packages in 2005, DTS Scripts in 2000
  • Projected Reports Using Crystal Reports
  • Designed and performed Unit testing, Integration testing


Web Application
Quotation and ordering financial tool


Software Development


Technologies: 3-tier, C#, AJAX, Web Services, SQL2000, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • Converted web applications from ASP to ASP.NET
  • Optimized and redesigned Database Schema
  • Programmed complex Financial calculations business logic
  • Designed User Interface with complex custom Grids, Coded front-end logic utilizing JavaScript
  • Performed Unit testing, Integration and stabilization testing


International Servicing Platform

Credit Cards Customer Servicing Tools


Web Development,
Production Support


Technologies: Web Application, MainFrame, ASP, JavaScript, ASP.NET, COM+

  • Provided production support and change requests for credit cards International Servicing Platform (ISP) applications On Japan, Europe, Latin America and Canadian markets
  • Designed and coded front end logic for credit card processing distributed applications
  • Analyzed, optimized, tested and provided support for back end SQL Server databases
  • Coded T-SQL queries for the analysis and troubleshooting process of applications
  • Analyzed and optimized performance of databases
  • Lead on international conference calls to identify and solve the ISP problems
  • Provided technical project documentation, root cause analysis, schedules and reports
  • Complied with SLA and corporate policies


Web Application
Employer Consultant Tools

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Centre for Foreign Trained
Professionals and Tradespeople

Web Development

URL: www.cftpt.org


Technologies: ASP, VBScript, ASP.NET, C#, MS SQL2000, MS Access

  • Provided New User Interface Design. Redesigned structure. Transformed ASP application to ASP.NET/C#
  • Performed ASP/VBScript/SQL coding to improve current web site, Programmed admin panel
  • Improved functionality of current web site and as result services of company


Web Application
e-commerce, Information Portal

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Web Development,
Systems Analizys,
Software Development


Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, ASP, VBScript, MS Access, SQL 2000

  • Analyzed customer needs and provided solutions
  • Designed, Developed, Administrated and maintained e-commerce web application
  • Initiated, designed, implemented enterprise information portal "AV Club" to attract more customers and increase customer satisfaction
  • Provided support and supervised the project
  • Increased annual revenue company by 20%


Web Application
for International Rotary Club in Dnepropetrovsk

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Web Development


Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop

  • Analyzed customer needs
  • Designed Graphic User Interface, Web site structure, Business Logic
  • Implemented and Provided support for the application
  • Improved presentation to attract more members to the club